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A growing amount of research shows that over 40% of insect pollinators are highly threatened around the world, including our native bees. As our planet’s most effective pollinators, bees are responsible for nearly one in three bites of the food we eat. The world’s insects are hurtling down a path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, according to the first global scientific review.

At Bumble, we’ve made a promise, that every time we install a new roof, we give back to help maintain the survival of one of our most important insect friends.

We believe business can be a vessel for giving back and doing good in the world for today, tomorrow, and the future. This belief is what drives us to do more every single day.

Giving back is so much more than just a department at Bumble, it is in the DNA of our company and our people.

A WORLD WITHOUT BEES WOULD BE THE END OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT Which is why, with your support, we are on a mission to save them.

For every roof we install, a donation will be made on your behalf through one of our non-profit invertebrate conservation partners.

You can sleep easy, knowing that by installing a new roof on your home, you helped create hives for the future bee population and a better, more sustainable Earth for generations to come!