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Expert Roofing Articles

How to Apply Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating

15 Dec 22

Roofs are under the sun every day, which can eventually cause damage. That is especially true if your roof is vulnerable to overheating. Using an aluminum roof coating is one of the ways to prevent that, and it is particularly useful if you have a flat asphalt or rolled roof. Aluminum roof coating works by reflecting the direct sunlight pouring down on the roof instead of absorbing it. By doing that, the coating protects your roof from damage and can even reduce the energy bill…

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How to Paint a Roof

14 Dec 22

If you paint your house, you might also want to change the color of your roof. A change in color is also a great way to freshen up the look of a home. Of course, you could replace the roof if you want a different look, but a fresh coat of paint can often achieve the same aesthetic result as installing brand-new roofing. That being said, a coat of paint will not fix cracks or damage, which will need to be taken care of ahead…

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How to Estimate Roofing Materials

14 Dec 22

Whether you plan to do a roofing job yourself or just want to have an idea of how much materials should cost for a job, being able to do the estimations yourself is important. It will help you avoid wasting materials and give you peace of mind that only the right amount of materials are being purchased for a job. When it comes to the estimations, you will primarily rely on determining the area of the roof in question, then using the square footage to…

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How to Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

08 Dec 22

When shingles are damaged, it can impact the lifetime of the entire roof. It can also lead to more severe damage if a leak occurs, potentially harming the structure below the roofing. That is why it is important that you take the time to check for damaged shingles on a regular basis, replacing them as needed. When working on the roof, make sure to pay attention to your safety, using a pro if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions…

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How to Repair a Leaking Roof in Los Angeles

06 Dec 22

The rainy season has arrived in Los Angeles with normal precipitation predicted during December and heavier rain predicted in February. In expectation of heavier rains, here are some tips and advice you can read about to prepare, prevent, and repair leaking roofs. Roofs experience significant wear and tear, and when they eventually have problems, it needs to be addressed quickly. In part, that is because it can lead to more serious damage if left unattended. The good news is that most minor problems can be…

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How to Apply Rolled Roofing

10 Nov 22

Rolled roofing is a type of roofing that has seen a rise in popularity recently, with one of the major benefits being that it is inexpensive compared to shingles and many other roofing materials. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to install on your roof, meaning you will not require a pro to do the work for you. If you follow the instructions, you will only need a few hours to install rolled roofing. That includes making thorough preparations, such as measuring the roof and getting…

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