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Bumble roofing was founded on

3 main values


Quality Roofing

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Affordable Pricing

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A Simple Process For All Our Customers

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After Spending A
Combined 60 Years In The Construction Industry,

our founders were shocked to find out that the majority of roofers were still stuck in the past

Unlicensed contractors

Did you know that your roofer should have a specialty C-39 license and appropriate coverage in order to work on your roof?


High prices

Contractors & salespeople selling at 100-1000% mark-ups! Why should you pay more for your roof?


Difficult purchasing process

3 to 4 in home estimates that can total up to 20 or more wasted hours. Did we mention the inconvenience of all decision makers having to be present at the time of the appointment with a high pressure sales rep? Getting a new roof should be easier, don’t you agree?


The list goes on

Poor workmanship, sales tactics & gimmicks, constant schedule changes… sounds like that stings, right?

We’re Here To Change That

At Bumble, we’re here to go Bee-yond your expectations: We believe that affordable roofing should be
accessible for all Americans. Bumble Roofing is our concept of delivering transparency in roofing prices and
driving down the costs of roofing installations and repairs. No “gimmicks” or “financial tricks” just a fair price
and commitment to quality workmanship. We look forward to bee’ing your roofer!